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We are DAE — Digital Architecture & Engineering outsourcing company based in Russia. It is our mission to deliver best-in-class outsourced engineering services to customers around the world. Our work is based on advanced digital technologies, from cloud-based BIM environments to AI and generative design.
Our business processes are built on international standards. Deep knowledge of digital technology and construction backed by extensive international experience allows us to bring cutting-edge approaches into your projects. We have worked on a large number of projects, creating safe and ergonomically designed buildings for commercial, residential, educational, industrial and mixed-use sectors. By turning exciting ideas into tangible reality, we strive to shape a better world.




  • Low voltage main and sub-main distribution systems
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • Small power supply & Essential services supply
  • Indoor & Outdoor lighting, Emergency lighting
  • External utilities electrical systems
  • Uninterruptable power supply systems
  • Security and Alarm systems


  • General and smoke removal ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Chilled water supply system
  • Heating system
  • Heat supply system


  • Water distribution installations
  • Sanitation services
  • Drainage systems


  • Modelling services
  • Model Coordination
  • 4D Construction Sequencing
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • COBie & As-Built Model
  • Revit model from point clouds


  • LOD 300, 400
  • RIBA stages 2-4
  • BEP, EIR
  • Cloud CDE


Acceleration of performance
Acceleration of performance
Due to the vast geographical span of Russia covering a great number of time zones, a two-shift mode could be established in the production center in two regions. Resultant 15-hour business days would ensure two times acceleration of performance.
Production cost
Production cost
Personnel expenditures constitute up to 80 percent of the expenses in the architectural design structure. Average salaries and wages of an engineer or an architect in Russia are 2.2 times smaller than in the UK.
Modern technology
Modern technology
Efficient production processes, up-to-date corporate management and information management practices would ensure high personnel efficiency and high quality of services. Artificial intelligence for the data management, the processes of design of engineering systems and design analysis.

Our projects


DAE has experience in CAD works for a wide range of industrial buildings, including boiler plants, warehouses, etc.
In one of our latest projects we performed Stage 4 design in Autodesk AutoCAD based on Stage 3 design provided by the Client.
The project includes 4 storage units, 4 industrial units and builders’ merchant facilities ranging in area from 4,123 to 29,042 ft2. The units are situated in a prime location in the Templefields industrial area in Harlow

Mixed use

We have provided Stage 4 designs for several mixed-use buildings and complexes located in the UK, including offices and garages for bus companies in south-western Greater London, and other facilities in northern London and Surrey
The area of each garage is about 21,500 ft2
All works have been performed in Autodesk AutoCAD


DAE has completed several MEP design projects in the commercial sector, including offices and storage units located in the UK
All projects were done in compliance with the RIBA Stage 3 and Stage 4
The design includes all MEP services: HVAC, water services, drainage, electrical services and ELV services


We have designed and modelled MEP services for a wide range of residential buildings in the UK, including mainly residential quarters with 485 much-needed new homes and attractive businesses
All services have been designed in compliance with the RIBA Stage 4 requirements and BSI requirements


DAE has a vast experience in MEP design & modelling of educational and scientific facilities in Autodesk Revit, all in compliance with the BSI requirements and requirements of the Building Bulletins (BB) for science laboratories and educational buildings (BB101, BB88, BB93, etc.).
Designed and modelled:
  • natural & mechanical ventilation
  • heating system
  • water services
  • drainage
  • all variety of internal electrical services
  • lightning protection


DAE has successfully performed several commercial projects in Autodesk Revit including headquarter of the IT company in Moscow with ~400,000 sq.ft. area. The following services have been designed & modeled: general & smoke ventilation, heating, air conditioning (incl. server rooms) water services, drainage, Low voltage main and sub-main distribution, Small power & Essential services supply, Containment, Lighting & Emergency lighting, Security and Alarm systems.


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Our Authorized Autodesk Training Center provides 6 carefully designed in-depth courses that will teach you to build, analyse and review BIM models, securing your confidence in your knowledge and skill in this dynamic industry
Autodesk. Authorized Training Center


Synchro PRO is a leading 4D construction modeling application, enabling model-based scheduling and simulations, monitoring and analyzing project. The course program has been developed for engineering and architecture specialists who want to start utilizing Synchro PRO for their projects

Watch course introduction


We will begin by discovering the user interface and basic design tasks like modelling, editing, and reviewing. Then we will explore designing the building’s elements to match the client’s requirements. Finally, we will learn how to take the model to the construction documentation stage


This course covers all basic and advanced features of the software and includes hands-on practice of using them to create a sound solid model. We will explore parametric design tools and go through construction documentation. The course covers both imperial and metric systems in managing Revit families


You will learn to create computational BIM models of mechanical systems, from conceptual design to construction documentation. Discover the software’s interface and the HVAC and plumbing/piping components to master a powerful and flexible engineering modelling tool


Students will refine their Revit Electrical skills and focus on the design-led approach to electrical services modelling. We will learn to use both modelling tools and performance analysis tools as integrated design calculation tools. Starting from scratch, we will go through the designing process and perform load calculations, light intensity calculations and detailing


We designed this course both for architects, engineers and construction personnel. We will discover how to use Navisworks as a tool for model reviewing at the design stage and as a tool for virtual construction at the construction stage to gain control and get a holistic view of your projects



What is Virtual Design Construction (VDC)?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a service which utilizes digital tools to create virtual models of buildings. These digital models are then evaluated prior to the start of the project, allowing project team to optimize the way a building is constructed.


Synchro PRO software for BIM

Synchro PRO is one of the leading 4D construction modeling applications enabling model-based scheduling and simulations.


BIM design vs 2D CAD design: What are the advantages?

Many professionals still use the traditional 2D CAD technology for representing their design ideas to clients.
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