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What is LOD in BIM


For a team working on a BIM project, sometimes it is challenging to build a successful collaborative environment. In order to simplify this process and exclude delays, errors and friction between parties involved prior to the work starts, it is essential to define the LOD of a BIM model.

Although the acronym “LOD” may be explained in different ways depending where in the world, its basic concept remains the same within BIM process.

• In the US, LOD refers to 'Level of Development'

American Institute of Architects (AIA) defines the term ‘Level of Development’ as a degree to which the element’s geometry and attached information has been thought through. According to AIA, “the Level of Development Specification is a reference that enables practitioners in the AEC Industry to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity the content and reliability of Building Information Models at various stages in the design and construction process”.

AIA’s definition of LOD became the base point of reference for several BIM Guidelines and documents in countries including Germany, France, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

• In the UK, LOD is the commonly known acronym for 'Level of Detail'

PAS 1192-2 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using BIM (now replaced by BS EN ISO 19650) introduced ‘Level of Model Definition’ (LOMD) as a new classification system with seven levels to include both aspects of ‘Level of Detail’ (LOD) and Level of Information’ (LOI). In fact, these two terms are closely aligned as it is normal for graphical and non-graphical content to develop alongside one another

Image credit: Evolve Consultancy (2017)

Image credit: Evolve Consultancy (2017)

LOD and LOI are generally defined prior to the project’s start and at its key stages, allowing the client to verify that project information is consistent with their requirements and enabling them to decide whether to proceed to the next stage.

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