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What is Virtual Design Construction (VDC)?


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a service which utilizes digital tools to create virtual models of buildings. These digital models are then evaluated prior to the start of the project, allowing project team to optimize the way a building is constructed. This advanced technology provides opportunities to improve and optimize the construction process.

VDC includes three key elements – the main ICE (Integrated Concurrent Engineering), which is supported by BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and PPM (Product Production Management).

  • Integrated Concurrent Engineering is a method of conducting interdisciplinary meetings using modern visualization technologies, where simultaneous design works are conducted. This makes it possible to introduce and approve changes during an all-day working session.
  • Product Production Management is a method of establishing a production process, defining the workflow schedule and the required resources.
  • Building Information Modeling – the explanation of BIM and its benefits are presented in our article “BIM DESIGN VS 2D CAD DESIGN: WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES?”. BIM plays a significant role in VDC, as it supports decision-making processes and eases the communication within the project team or with the customer.

VDC is a combination of modern construction technologies (BIM) with a work and management scheme that supports the team in working together on the project (PPM), in an integrated and simultaneous way (ICE). The scheme is focused on achieving the project's objectives, which should help the customer to achieve their goals while collecting data and tracking workflow progress.

DAE provides VDC and other digital construction services to its customers. Contact us for more information on our offerings, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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